National Radio Television of Afghanistan Sat, 24 Jun 2017 07:58:35 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Saudi-led demands not ‘reasonable or actionable’: Qatar Sat, 24 Jun 2017 07:58:35 +0000 Qatar has dismissed a list of demands submitted by four Arab countries as neither reasonable or actionable.

The list was received by Qatar’s ministry of foreign affairs on June 22, according to a report by the state-run Qatar News Agency.

“This list of demands confirms what Qatar has said from the beginning – the illegal blockade has nothing to do with combating terrorism, it is about limiting Qatar’s sovereignty, and outsourcing our foreign policy,” Sheikh Saif bin Ahmed Al Thani, director of the Qatari government’s communications office, said in a statement on Friday.

“The US secretary of state recently called upon the blockading nations to produce a list of grievances that was ‘reasonable and actionable’. The British foreign secretary asked that the demands be ‘measured and realistic.’ This list does not satisfy that criteria.”

Qatar also said it is reviewing the demands and is preparing an official response after confirming the receipt of a document containing demands from several Arab countries that cut ties with it and imposed a blockade against it earlier this month amid a major diplomatic crisis.

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Taliban Loses Their Senior Leaders In Takhar Sat, 24 Jun 2017 07:52:01 +0000 The Taliban militants group has lost one of its most senior leaders during a military operation in Takhar province, the 209th Shaheen Corps of the Afghan National Army said the other day.
According to a statement by the Shaheen Corps, the deputy military commission chief of the group Mawlavi Shukoor was killed during the operations of the Afghan security forces being conducted under the name of Pamir-8. The statement further added that Mawlavi Shukoor was killed along with his nine companions during the operation. At least nineteen Taliban insurgents were also wounded during the operations, the statement said, adding that the group’s two senior commanders identified as Mullah Abdul Hadi and Mawlavi Belal were also among those wounded.

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Barriers’ Removal Starts In Kabul: Officials Sat, 24 Jun 2017 07:44:16 +0000 The Afghan government officials said that the removal of barricades from across the Kabul roads has been started based on a decree by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.
The Kabul mayor, Kabul Garrison chief, and Kabul police chief informed regarding the launch of the campaign during a press conference in Kabul on Thursday.
Abdullah Habibzai, the Kabul mayor, said the removal of barricades and blockades from all the governmental and non-governmental organizations started on Friday as per the instructions of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and the roads would be reopened until the Eid.
He urged the related organizations to assist with the security forces and the Kabul Municipality in the implementation of the work and removal of barricades.
The Kabul Garrison chief said the security forces were obliged to assist with the Kabul Municipality in the execution of the work, urging all the organizations and the people to assist the government in this regard. In his turn, the Kabul police chief said the removal barricades and blockades from the roads was one of the main demands of the Kabul residents and the government and security institutions were committed to implement the work.
A representative of the Attorney General’s office also said the Attorney General stands by the security team and the Kabul Municipality to carry out the work.

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Never want interfere in judicial affairs, President Ghani Sat, 24 Jun 2017 07:17:11 +0000 President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a meeting of the high council of law governance, after hearing the related organs’ officials reports about their activities said the biggest legacy of the national unity government was reforms in the justice and judicial system, his office said in a statement the other day.
“We have launched successful campaign against corruption and would follow our joint goal until the year 1400 (solar year) for a need felt in the justice and judicial system, as the people want fundamental reforms,” said the president noting that the budget related to the justice and judicial organs would be investigated midyear and the ministry of finance had been directed to include the urgent needs.
Asking the justice and judicial organs for reviewing their establishments, the president said the whole laws would be categorized to make clear that which law needed legislative order.
According to him, as the current human resource can’t implement their plans laws, they should be reviewed. “Quality should be more preferred than quantity and in order to have an effective justice and judicial system, there is a need for launching a prolific retirement.”
The president said the international technical cooperation was not tantamount to the need of the justice and judicial organs and that he wanted the aids to be a mean for effectiveness of the organ.
Emphasizing on the women participation in the justice and judicial organs, the president noted that professional participation of women in these organs was a need and that the organs engaged in fight against corruption and busy in implementation of the law, should have coordination and share information with each other.
He directed the security officials to provide their specific plan on how to ensure security of the justice.
“We had not interfered in the judicial affairs and have never faced the country’s justice and judicial to crisis. Our role was to completely support the country’s justice and judicial system,” said the president.
Corrupt attorney officials should be reappointed in the organs and those with work for the government organizations not ready for inquiry should be suspended during questioning.
He asked the attorney General Office for introducing the eligible officials to be commended.
The Kabul Times
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Discussion to describe civilization, governance and statehood, President Ghani Sat, 24 Jun 2017 07:11:24 +0000 President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani attended an open discussion (Citizen and Arg) held in the historical Kota-e-Baghcha Palace, the other day, his office said in a statement.
At the outset, the Presidential senior advisor for the United Nations, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi said the discussion was held to strengthen and institutionalize democracy, initiate an effective governance, provide a responsible nation and an accountable system.
“Discussion have either been held in the TVs’ studios or in the academic places or in the embassies and international entities, but today, we have initiated this at the presidential palace to help better hear the people voices and support them,” said Naderi.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani thanked Zahra Naderi for the initiation to hold such a discussion and said citizen could come based on discussion and no unity unless there was not a common idea. “A meditation can come from a free discussion, as an open discussion can describe citizen, governance and statehood.”
The president said no society would remain stable by force and despotism and that national unity would not be secured unless we support each other.
He called analyze, planning and implementation the three factors to help reach the main goal.
“Within analyze, this would be made cleared that what was your main challenges and investment and limitation should clearly be specified in this,” said the president adding analyze was the ending point, without which, we couldn’t reach our goal.
Pointing to the second category, he said planning was another factor and until analyze was not turned into plan, no result would be waited and moreover a program calls for planning.  According to the president, there was a need for balance between transformation and continuity and if transformation was accelerated, then resistance should be examined. “We should obviously realize that with will not get the consequences of transformation and change can follow reaction, as those with their personal interest in danger, are mostly rising their voices,” the president continued.
Implementation was the third point that analyze and planning will secure without it, as the president argued that people come based on implementation.
Addressing the participants, the president said: “Your responsibility is to have discipline to help reach both leadership and pay attention to management.”
The Kabul Times
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CE supports investors, businessmen despites challenges Sat, 24 Jun 2017 07:00:55 +0000 Office of the Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in a statement, the other day, announced comprehensive support to the country’s investors and businessmen.

In an Iftari luncheon with a number of traders, investors and members of Afghanistan chamber of commerce and industries at the Sapidar Palace, the country’s chief executive thanked the positive role and presence of investors in Afghanistan, creation of employment and support to the national development and said he was committed to provided full support to the investors and traders of the country.
Deputy to the chamber of commerce and industries, Khan Jan Alkozay thanked the CE’s provided luncheon and thanked his support to the investors, traders during the council ministers and cabinet meeting, high economic committee and the council of ministers’ economic committee and assured him of the traders hard work in national development besides the government.
The Kabul Times
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ANCT Return Home After T20 & ODI Matches Wed, 21 Jun 2017 07:37:44 +0000 Afghanistan National Cricket Team (ANCT) players after performance three T20 and three One Day International (ODI) matches against West Indies national cricket team returned to their country yesterday.
In three T20 matches West Indies national cricket team has defeated Afghanistan national cricket team, but three OID matches ended equality and based on ICC principle, Afghanistan national cricket team won the cup of OID matches.
A number of officials from cricket board, cricket fans and Medias yesterday afternoon went to Hamid Karzai International Airport for welcoming their cricketers.
Asghar Stanekzai captain of Afghanistan national cricket team told media, young cricketers show their competency in the mentioned matches and we got useful experiences from the matches too.

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Eid Preparations & Customs of Afghanistan People Wed, 21 Jun 2017 07:30:32 +0000 We are on the threshold of celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr. Kabul markets are full of the people buying dried fruits, clothes and other necessary things for Eid. But, they are shocked when asking for the price of clothes, dried fruits and other things as the prices of all things have hiked recently and this has caused that many families in Kabul face with further problems.
Fareshta Tamana, a university student, said “During the last days of the holy month of Ramadan, the people of Afghanistan are starting to take preparations for Eid days. Families usually prepare gifts as Eidi for fiancée of their son and this is considered as old tradition of the people of Afghanistan”.
Answering a question, Tamana said, “As you know that buying and preparing gift (Eidi) is one of Afghanistan traditions, we are also to buy and prepare the gift for our son’s fiancée. As you see the prices are very high and buying a set of dress is very expensive and most families cannot afford to buy such gifts”.
Sima, a woman who is preparing for Eid days said, “On the threshold of Eid, most of families start cleaning their homes. I have started cleaning my home too. We do clean, wash clothes, rugs and carpets and paint all rooms of our home and this is the old tradition of the Kabul people”.
“Most of families are very interested in buying new furniture, carpets and rugs for their homes. If a family cannot afford to buy, they clean and wash their old carpets and furniture and make use of them during the Eid days and celebrate the days with full happiness”, Sima added.
Abdullah, who has done some shopping for Eid says before Eid the people usually go shopping and buy all necessary foodstuffs, but unfortunately the prices are so high now a days. He added that the prices of dried fruits have increased by 50% comparing to last year, but the prices of cookies, chocolates and candies are remained unchanged.
Ahmad Javed, another Kabul resident who is doing some shopping said, “I’ve come to buy for Eid days, but the prices of all things are so high. Rich people can afford to buy fresh and dried fruits easily, but most of the people are poor and cannot afford to buy such fruits. We are asking the government to control the prices in particular before and during the Eid days so that miserable and poor people could also buy fresh and dried fruits and celebrate the Eid days with full happiness”.
A number of shopkeepers in various markets of Kabul said that increasing and decreasing the prices of foodstuffs were not on their hands but on the hand of national traders. It is worth mentioning that the people of Afghanistan have kept their custom and traditions and follow their own traditions during the Eid days.

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Development Budget Expenditure In First Six Months Inadequate: Finance Ministry Wed, 21 Jun 2017 07:22:13 +0000 The ministry of finance has said that estimates indicated that development budget had been spent far less than expected.
Mustafa Shareq, in charge of Budget Security Section of the Ministry has said the fresh evaluation has highlighted that the budget spend midyear (this year’s first six month) was 15 percent – very little, arguing technical problems, insecurity, and imposing some condition by the donors of the projects, were the main reasons behind the scale-down, compared to the last year.
However, he said the budget had been directed to have been properly spent.
429 billion Afghanis for the 2017’s fiscal year budget with 248 billion ordinary and 161 billion development has been inked by the house of people.
According to the information provided by the ministry of finance, right now, 63 budgetary units were available with yet to be clear that how much percent of their budget they owned, but ten days ago, more 12 ministries possessing more than 80 percent of their development budget have attended a meeting held at the Presidential Palace.
Seven ministers, for failing to spend less than 70 percent of their budget have been disqualified by the house of people, by the end of the last fiscal year.
Analysts believed if the ministries send the allocated budget to the provinces, they will not face lack of budget.
The provincial governors should authorized in expenditure of the budget, but this should be investigated that where the budget has been spent, said an analyst Sayed Qeyas Sayedi.
“Contracts are restricted to be signed within ministries. The provincial governments should authorized to spend the budget through giving projects to the people. Procurement and bidding systems should be conducted at both the center and provincial levels,” said Sayedi.
He said if the projects were not executed and the people were not provided with work opportunities, insecurity would persistently surge in the country.

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Taliban Failed Attack On ANSF Checkpoint In Jalalabad Wed, 21 Jun 2017 07:13:45 +0000 Taliban attack on Afghan National Security Forces checkpoint thwarted in eastern Nangarhar province.
According to reports, nightfall dozens armed oppositions stormed on a security checkpoint in Jalalabad-Torkham highway, but their attack push back by Afghan security troops.
Ataullah Khogyani spokesperson of Nangarhar governor told BNA correspondent, casualties didn’t incur to Afghan security personnel following the attack.
Taliban rebels sustained casualties during the raid, but the exact number is not clear yet, Khogyani added.
Meanwhile, Afghan security forces have seized several hand weapons of armed attackers at the end of the attack.

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