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President Ghani confers medal on Emergency Hospital

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani conferred Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan State Medal on the hardworking Emergency Hospital, where most of the country’s war injuries are taken under treatment, said the presidential office in a statement Sunday.
During a ceremony held at the Presidential Palace and attended by the country’s First Lady, Lura Ghani and Minister of Public Health, Dr. Firuzuddin Firuz, Assadullah Ghazanfar read out the decree of the president to award medal on the hospital and praised some of the staffs and the aid providers, said the statement.
The statement quoted the president as saying that the hospital was working hard to cover the war victims and treat them well, during harsh condition including security threat and critical incidents.
During the ceremony, the president conferred the state medal of Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan to the hospital and awarded letters of appreciation to some of the hospital staffs and medical coordinator, Ms Georgia Novivilo, said the statement.
The president spoke about the hard work of the hospital and honest efforts of the staffs in treatment of the military victims and said he had witnessed positive changes, whenever he visited the hospital to enquire the injuries of war, according to the statement.
The president instructed the ministry of public health to provide sustainable cooperation with the hospital.

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