President Ghani Aims To Turn Afghanistan Into Exporting Country

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani officially inaugurated “Khan Steel iron melting factory” here yesterday and thanked the private sector, particularly the said factory for investments in Afghanistan, a presidential statement said.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony which was held at Kabul Industrial Park, President Ghani said when of his dreams was fulfilled with inauguration of the factory, adding such investments should be considered as national and must be supported and protected.
Pointing to creating of employment opportunities through investments by the private sector, the president said the goal was not generating income but to increase production, adding government would spare no effort to support the private sector’s initiatives. The president went on saying that High Economic Council was created to address private sector’s problems, adding government was trying its best to change Afghanistan from an importer to exporter. “Fortunately, over 220 thousand tons of steel have been produced by six industries during the current year,” President Ghani said adding that Afghanistan currently has two billion tons of iron in storage.
Meanwhile the President suggested that the name of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry be changed to the Industry and Commerce Ministry.
Praising President Ghani’s support of investors, Khan Steel’s head Khan Mohammad Wardak said around 1000 people were involved in the factory’s routine works. The factory official said that they have considered a system aimed at environmental protection. Deputy to chamber of commerce and industries Khan Jan Alkozai thanked President’s effort and support for private sector, adding political development would not affect their works and that people know who were working for national and who for their own interest. “You are in one side dealing with reforms in government institutions, while on the other side working hard for economic growth and boosting of industries,” he said.

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