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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Welcomes New Diplomats

With the participation of Minister of Foreign Affairs Salahuddin Rabbani, Deputy Foreign Ministers and Directors of different Departments of the Ministry and representatives of the media, a certificate distribution ceremony was held at the Storai Palace of the ministry here yesterday afternoon, during which congratulatory certificates were given to the 43 successful individuals who passed the entrance exam of 2017 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Congratulating the entrance of young knowledgeable cadre with credentials of MA and Ph.D. to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Salahuddin Rabbani noted that conducting a just and transparent entrance exam would be a milestone towards more standardizing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Minister of Foreign Affairs called the completion of the above process “a great success for the diplomatic system of Afghanistan.” FM Rabbani emphasized on the broad and effective process of administrative reform that has already been started in the diplomatic apparatus of the country expressing his commitment towards working closely with other concerned government entities and institutions for bringing more reforms and improvement to the functions and activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Later, Mujtaba Zaka and Hasina Babaker Khail, speaking on behalf of the successful examinees paid tribute to the transparent examination process of the ministry. They also said that they were committed to serving the nation and the diplomatic apparatus of the country. It is worth to mention that the written examination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was given on the 24th of Hamal 1396 (coincided with 16th of March, 2017), from among 2390 applicants of the first phase, 886 qualified candidates attended the aforesaid exam, where 172 examinees opened their ways to the next stage of personal interview, and completing the interview successfully, 43 male and female participants were chosen as the successful diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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