Kandahar to be enlightened by solar power

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that the plan to install solar power in the southern province of Kandahar is underway, a statement from the presidential palace said Sunday.
Attended the meeting, head of Breshna Shirkat—the main Afghanistan power supply company, Amanullah Ghalib said that up to 30 companies were prepared to invest in producing of up to 30 megawatt for the western province, according to the statement.
He said two eligible companies, with proper financial proposal, technical means and procurement documents have been registered and would be announced in the future, the statement quoted.
After hearing the report and details about the solar power supply to the province, the country’s president said a single power policy should be provided to focus on the use of the solar power, according to the statement.
“Discussion on the technical standard of the solar powers is too important and should be adopted as the main part of the policy,” said the president adding the ministry of water and power should handle the responsibility in this field.
He said security should be considered as the main priority, while applying the solar powers plant in the provinces.
The plan was approved at the end of the meeting, the statement said

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