Mohammad Ayub Khan, a strong history of Afghanistan’s history

Maiwand-e-Insaf, Sardar Mohammad Ayub Khan, was born by Sher Ali Khan’s son, mother, daughter of Saadmat Khan of Nangarhar.
When the occupation of Angels passed over on Afghanistan, at that time, power was occupied by Amir Khan, another son of Amir Sher Ali.
The Angels, who occupied the area of ​​Kabul and Kandahar, Jacob Khan signed the untouched wheat and the coveted and cursed treaty with British Ambassador Pearl Louis Napoleon, because of the massacre in the whole country and the great revolt was started. .
The British ambassador to Afghanistan attacked the southern Afghanistan on the outskirts of Karzai, Khyber and Kandahar, in Bala-e-Sharif in Kabul, and invaded Yaqubi Khan in Logar and sent it to the British hills.
At that time, Sardar Ayub Khan was the governor of Herat, built a great army and invited Amir Abdurrahman Khan to the war against the foreigners who had left foreigners from the country, but Amir Abdur Rahman Khan did not accept, but Sardar Ayub Khan built a 1200-year-old lion from Herat, Farah, Kandahar, Arghistan and Greshk, under his leadership, equipped with his patronage and simple slogans, with a large number of British army soldiers in 15686 He had 576 footwear, 158 feet, 189 balls, and led his career with Kori, Malcolm and Gilbert. At the beginning 600 pounds of Angels fled from war, the Angels saw themselves vulnerable and in the meantime they requested other Cabinet soldiers to quickly reach the army.
It was furious and the war began to be in close proximity, the Afghan soldiers who were very tired, were less than a few, but in the meantime, a loud culprit could say:

If not martyr in sleep
God is helpless in need of protection

The hell will go to the blood of the boy
Rose Rose Glamorous in Baghcha

You martyr yourself in a sacrifice
I’ll give you a shield on your shield

With the hearing of this briefing, the soldiers took refuge in peace and fought for the war in the near future, fighting for a long time, and fighting all the long-term wars of the West, and the Angels wasted much of shame. When Sardar Ayub Khan was killed, The martyrdom of the bribe, if there is a scene that was with water and Afghan flag, was found dead in the battlefield in battle.
Sardar Ayub Khan asked, “Who is this illiterate,” the villagers told him that it was one o’clock in the peak point, peacefully with respect to the martyrdom of Maiwand.
In this fight, 201 easy, 587 oven, 676 Yaban, 553 were destroyed by this war, 21 senior officers, 85 wounded, 1755 looting and 302 wounded, 1000 balls were destroyed, 700 crashed, A number of ballots of gunfire remain some peace.
The fight for the British was at $ 91 million and 5000 pounds.
The Maiwand Shrine (Rabbi Shirin) was buried in Lahore on May 17, 17th, in his death in Lahore on May 17, and handed him to the soil in the direction of Syed Habib in Peshawar, according to his testimony.
Pakwaan Awaa is beautiful.

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