Private hospitals, challenges, people’s concerns

Expressing grave concern on operation of private hospitals, a number of people said that despite of existence of these hospital, still our people go abroad for treatment due to lack of credible diagnosis and treatment.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, Atif an Afghan who had gone to Shafa Hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan, said, we have been witnessing opening of various private hospitals by the MoPH every year but due to heavy fees for diagnosis and medication in these facilities, as well as lack of convincing treatment, still our people prefer to go abroad.
He added, there are essential machineries and equipped instruments in these hospitals but they lack skilled doctors to use these equipments and diagnose. People have to pay heavy amount for blood check, x-Ray, Radiology, Ultrasound and other checkups and finally receive medicine but medicines are not effective. But here in Pakistan treatment was effective and satisfactory fortunately.
Shah Khanom a lady from Samangan who had come to a hospital in Islamabad, looked satisfied, said I had stomach and intestine problem and referred to several private hospitals in Afghanistan and despite several prescriptions and checkup, they failed to treat me, but here in Shafa hospital they managed to diagnosis my disease precisely and treat me. She asked the Afghan government to focus more attention to people health so they would not have to go to other countries.
According to information of the MoPH, at present there are over 170 private hospital, operating throughout Afghanistan most of them established in main cities but people concern and complain have increased simultaneous with increase of private hospitals.
Although private hospitals manage to reduce people medical problems but people complain on high fees and claim that despite of commercial breaking of these private hospitals in some of them neither there are foreign skilled specialists nor advanced medical equipment while in some of them all those above requirements are available specially Indian, Pakistani and Tajikistani specialists but even these specialists make wrong diagnosis that forces people to go abroad.
Carelessness and non-accountability by staff of these hospitals cause cureable patients to lose their lives. Because they are busy with their facebook. People also complain on hygienic conditions and sanitation in these private hospitals that strongly affects psychological conditions of patients and deteriorate them and people don’t take their patients to these hospitals and prefer to go abroad. Although the Afghan MoPH has always emphasized that has taken certain steps to reduce current problems and improve the situation but these steps don’t seem to be sufficient and further strong steps should be taken. People and experts believe that until serious measures are not imposed on private hospitals, qualitative changes could not be expected in supply of services of these facilities. If the government pave the way of reliable treatment to people, people would no go abroad and don’t spend their money. They would prefer to treat themselves in domestic medial facilities.
Shukria Kohistani

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