Minor signs

  1. The coming of fitna (tribulations) and removal of khushoo’ (fearfulness of God, taqwah, reverence, etc.)[note 2]
  2. The coming of 30 Dajjals, each one of them presuming himself an apostle of God.[note 3][jargon]
  3. A person passing by a grave might say to another: I wish it were my abode.[note 4]
  4. The loss of honesty, and authority put in the hands of those who do not deserve it.[note 5]
  5. The loss of knowledge and the prevalence of religious ignorance.[note 6]
  6. Frequent, sudden, and unexpected deaths.[note 7]
  7. Increase in pointless killings.[note 8]
  8. Acceleration of time.[note 9]
  9. Rejection of hadith.[note 10]
  10. The spread of riba (usury, interest), zina (adultery, fornication), and the drinking of alcohol.[note 11]
  11. Widespread acceptance of music.[note 12]
  12. Pride and competition in the decoration of mosques.[note 13]
  13. Women will increase in number and men will decrease in number so much so that fifty women will be looked after by one man.[note 14]
  14. Abundance of earthquakes.[note 15]
  15. Frequent occurrences of disgrace, distortion, and defamation.[note 16]
  16. When people wish to die because of the severe trials and tribulations that they are suffering.[note 17]
  17. Jews fighting Muslims.[note 18]
  18. When paying charity becomes a burden.[note 19]
  19. Nomads will compete in the construction of very tall buildings.[note 20]
  20. Women will appear naked despite their being dressed.[note 21]
  21. People will seek knowledge from misguided and straying scholars.[note 22]
  22. Liars will be believed, honest people disbelieved, and faithful people called traitors.[note 23]
  23. The death of righteous, knowledgeable people.[note 24]
  24. The emergence of indecency (obscenity) and enmity among relatives and neighbours.[note 25]
  25. The rise of idolatry and polytheists in the community.[note 26]
  26. The Euphrates will uncover a mountain of gold.[note 27]
  27. The land of the Arabs will return to being a land of rivers and fields.[note 28]
  28. The Romans will form a majority amongst people.[note 29]
  29. People will increasingly earn money by unlawful (Haram) ways.[note 30]
  30. There will be much rain but little vegetation.[note 31]
  31. Evil people will be expelled from Al-Madinah.[note 32]
  32. Wild animals will communicate with humans, and humans will communicate with objects.[note 33]
  33. Lightning and thunder will become more prevalent.[note 34]
  34. There will be a special greeting for people of distinction.[note 35]
  35. Trade will become so widespread that a woman will help her husband in business.[note 36]
  36. No truly honest man will remain and no one will be trusted.[note 37]
  37. Only the worst people will be left; they will not know any good nor forbid any evil (i.e. No one will say there is no God but Allah).[note 38]
  38. Nations will call each other to destroy Islam by any and every means.[note 39]
  39. Islamic knowledge will be passed on, but no one will follow it correctly.[note 40]
  40. Muslim rulers will come who do not follow the guidance and tradition of the Sunnah. Some of their men will have the hearts of devils in a human body.[note 41]
  41. Stinginess will become more widespread and honorable people will perish.[note 42]
  42. A man will obey his wife and disobey his mother, and treat his friend kindly while shunning his father.[note 43]
  43. Voices will be raised in the mosques.[note 44]
  44. The leader of a people will be the worst of them.[note 45]
  45. People will treat a man with respect because they fear the evil he could do.[note 46]
  46. Much wine will be drunk.[note 47]
  47. Muslims shall fight against a nation who wear shoes made of hair and with faces like hammered shields, with red complexions and small eyes.[note 48]
  48. The emergence of the Sufyani within the Syria region.[note 49]
  49. The truce and joint Christian-Muslim campaign against a common enemy, followed by al-Malhama al-Kubra (Armageddon), a Christian vs. Muslim war.[note 50]
  50. The Black Standard will come from Khorasan, nothing shall turn them back until it is planted in Jerusalem.[note 51]
  51. Quran will be forgotten and no one will recall its verses.
  52. All Islamic knowledge will be lost to the extent that people will not say “La Illaha Ila Allah” (There is no God, but Allah), but instead old people will babble without understanding, “Allah, Allah”.
  53. People will fornicate in the streets “like donkeys”.
  54. The first trumpet blow will be sounded by Israfil, all that is in heaven and earth will be stunned and die except what God wills, and silence will envelop everything for forty undetermined periods of time.
  55. There will be disagreement concerning succession. Then a man will emerge from Madina. He will hurry to Makkah, and the people of Makkah will come out to him and urge him and try to force him to accept the Bai’aa.
  56. There are two groups of ummah whom Allah will free from the fire: The group that invades India, and the group that will be with Isa bin Maryam.

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