Contract To Design, Plan Darul Aman Administrative Complex Signed

In presence of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, designing and planning contract for construction of administrative complex in Darul Aman area was signed yesterday between minister of urban development Sayed Sadat Mansour Nadiri and deputy and director of Khatib al-Alemi International Company to Afghanistan Ramazan al-Harb.
The Minister of Urban Development and Housing Syed Sadat Mansoor Naderi said Saturday that the new government complex for the ministries and other government institutions will be built in Dar-ul-Aman area covering hundreds of acres of land.
He said the firm, Khatib-ul- Alami Company, will cooperate with the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, regarding the design of the new complex, assessment of the previous design, and preparation of the master plan for the complex.
Naderi further added that the design work and master plan of the new government complex will be completed over a period of two years.
According to Minister Naderi, the firm will also assist with the skill building, particularly in transfer of knowledge and expertise to the personnel of the program for the construction of the government complex in Dar-ul-Aman Palace.
Meanwhile, the contracting firm promised that the design work of the complex will be completed on time, insisting that the new complex will result into the establishment of momentum for economic cycle in the country.

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