Doctors urge women to not put wasp nests in their vagina

Doctors warn against following a recently-growing trend. They urge women to not put wasp nests inside their vagina.

Yes, I too sometimes fear the world is going to hell.

You thought Gwyneth Paltrow’s $66 jade vagina-eggs were something, but this is really the next level. Doctors are speaking against a new disturbing trend after some online retailers have started selling oak galls, which are basically wasp nests before they hatch.

Some wasp species inject their larva into oak trees. This process is very disturbing for the tree, which starts to secret tannic and gallic acids, until a formation called a gall is formed. This gall is then crushed and turned into a paste which you are supposed to apply inside your vagina. We’re not really sure if this involves crushing the larva as well, just to make it extra-gross.

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