Ministry of Finance Appreciates ‘Best Large Taxpayers’

Ministry of Finance awarded the best large taxpayers in Continental Hotel here yesterday, aiming to raise the level of taxpayer compliance, promote taxpaying culture, achieve the revenue target encourage investments and develop economic activities in the country, a statement from the ministry said.
Abdul Sattar Murad, Minister of Economy praised running of such programs and said: “tax collection has a significant role in revenue increment and funding economic infrastructure projects, so awarding the compliance taxpayer would increase the level of income tax.
He added:” funding the national projects mostly relies on the aid of donor countries and within running such programs, the government and private sectors would be encouraged to further investment and compliance and enable us to secure funding the national projects from the domestic resources”.
Meanwhile, Shafiq Ahmad Qarizada, Deputy Minister of Revenue and Customs said the Ministry of Finance was planning to raise the level of taxpayer compliance that is why it launched today’s program to encourage the large taxpayer who has shown more compliance than other taxpayers.
“We expect that sound competition to be created among large taxpayers in coming years to recognize them as best taxpayer and lead to development and standardized economic activities in the country,” he added as quoted in the statement.
Khan Jan Alokozay, Vice Chairman of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) thanked running such program and asked launching of the programs for Medium and Small Taxpayers Departments as well.
DG of Revenue Department and Director of Large Taxpayer has provided information to the participants about revenue increment and today’s program.
At the End, 8 large taxpayers in different sectors (Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC), Kam Air, Afghanistan International Bank (AIB), Saladin Security Company, Alokozay International Limited, Alokozay non-alcoholic beverage company, Automotive Service and Yenco Lmitiz Construction Company (VICC) were awarded, the statement added.  It is worth mentioning that, Deputy Ministers, Directors of Government Institutions, representatives of people in national assembly, administrative office of the president, ambassadors.  Officials of large companies, Nationa

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