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Pakistan ‘passing the buck’ to Afghanistan

After the bloody explosion in Lal Shahbaz Shrine in which over 80 people were killed and over hundred wounded, Pakistan has asked Afghanistan to extradite 75 terrorists to Pakistan. Pakistan has blamed those terrorists who are living  in Afghanistan. While the Daesh blood thirsty armed group has already claimed responsibility of this attack, but despite of that Pakistan has submitted a list and asked Afghan authorities to hand over those suspects.

The Afghan government has strongly rejected Pakistan’s allegations and said that the identity of Daesh is known to the all world people and according to American commander Gen. John Nicholson, eighty percent of Daesh insurgents are affiliated with TTP. They have claimed responsibility of the attack too. The Afghan government is victim of terrorism and is  making efforts to inform the regional of her pains to fold their sleeves.

Pakistan now throws snow  of  its roof to Afghanistan and wants to rescue itself from universal pressures and show to the world people that the Afghan government support terror too. While Haqqani network, Quetta Council, TTP, Lashkar-e-Jangjoy, Lashkar-e-Tayeba,  Jamatul Ahrar and other terrorist groups have shelter  in  Pakistan and so far no step has been taken against them.

The Afghan government has time  and again has sent lists of  Pakistan and frankly accused Pakistan that Kandahar attack,  Dehmazang attack, recent attack against supreme court and  over hundreds other attacks were  masterminded by Haqqani and other terror  network in  Pakistan soil and had  asked Pakistan government to take counter steps  against then, but Pakistan didn’t listen and only and only condemned them.

Now  Pakistan cry has reached to sky, accuses  Afghanistan that support terrorism, while  Afghanistan a  victim of terror and  only in 2016 nearly 30000 civil and military people  have been killed 90% of them by terrorists.

Wall street journal writes that the US has become fed up and more would not allow Pakistan to provide safe heavens for terrorists. The paper adds that the  US no longer tolerate that the terror groups trained in  Pakistan target American forces in Afghanistan or there troops be repentant from the goal of  war on terror.

It should be said that if  sometimes Pakistan army wants  to offensive operations against terrorists I its soil, she separate these group and conduct operation against those groups carryout attacks against Pakistan not those who only carryout subversive activities in Afghanistan and India the American authorities have warned  that Pakistan should start operations against all terror groups indiscriminately otherwise  she  would be facing strong reaction of the US. Now, the time  has  reached that Pakistan groups don’t take life of innocent Afghans and Pakistani people  and should not draft such plans to show with killing of  sinless people to the world people  that Pakistan is  a terror victim too because this  inauspicious phenomenon is  acceptable to no body.

These groups dot want that through killing of innocent people the Pakistan secret services  and army get concession.

Pakistan has  to carryout serious counterterrorism operation and  give up deceiving lists  as if Afghanistan should extradite suspect terrorists, Pakistan should eliminate terrorists.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani who is visiting Munich city of Germany to attend global security meeting, his  speech on Friday emphasized on serious war against all terrorist groups and said that terrorism is common enemy and serious danger to all people and  all countries join hand to remove it.

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